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MovieHawk® is the first Sikorsky UH-60A ESSS (External Stores Support System) Black Hawk brought to Los Angeles that is specially equipped for the motion picture and television industry. Emulating the look and presence of a special operations MH-60M helicopter, the twin-engine MovieHawk® operated by K2 Worldwide is currently the only ESSS model of its kind available within the industry. The aircraft is available for commercial production work across the country. 

K2 Worldwide provides aerial photography services and the on-screen services of its pilots and trained personnel to achieve the highest-level authenticity possible.  Please inquire for more information about rental of our aerial photography and cinematography equipment below.

MovieHawk® Specs

Military Paint Scheme

  • Create Realistic & Mission Correct Scenarios

  • Custom Decals & Paint Schemes can be Applied


Hover Infra Red Suppressor System (HIRSS)

  • Reduces Infrared (IR) Signature of Helicopter Engines


Fast-Rope Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES)

  • Optional Multi-use Product for Rapid Deployment & Retrieval

  • Carry up to Six Fully Equipped Personnel with Loop & Lanyard System

  • Can be used as Regular Fast Rope


Airframe Options

  • MH-60M Nose Radome

  • Aerial Refueling Probe

  • ESSS Side-Mounted Wings for External Stores


Optional Inert Weapons

  • Nose Mounted Weapons/Surveillance Sensor

  • 19 Tube Rocket Pods

  • 7 Tube Rocket Pods

  • AGM-114 Dual Hellfire Missile

  • Window Mounted M-134 Dillon Mini Guns

  • Wing Mounted M-134 pPod

  • Dagger 42 Rocket Launcher


Capability to Carry

  • Authentic Inert Rockets

  • Gun Pods

  • External Fuel Tanks

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