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MovieHawk® is the first Sikorsky UH-60A ESSS (External Stores Support System) Black Hawk brought to Los Angeles that is specially equipped for the motion picture and television industry. Emulating the look and presence of a special operations MH-60M helicopter, the twin-engine MovieHawk® operated by XBrand is currently the only ESSS model of its kind available within the industry. The aircraft is available for commercial production work across the country.

MovieHawk® Specs

Military Paint Scheme

  • Create Realistic & Mission Correct Scenarios

  • Custom Decals & Paint Schemes can be Applied


Hover Infra Red Suppressor System (HIRSS)

  • Reduces Infrared (IR) Signature of Helicopter Engines


Fast-Rope Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES)

  • Optional Multi-use Product for Rapid Deployment & Retrieval

  • Carry up to Six Fully Equipped Personnel with Loop & Lanyard System

  • Can be used as Regular Fast Rope


Airframe Options

  • MH-60M Nose Radome

  • Aerial Refueling Probe

  • ESSS Side-Mounted Wings for External Stores


Optional Inert Weapons

  • Nose Mounted Weapons/Surveillance Sensor

  • 19 Tube Rocket Pods

  • 7 Tube Rocket Pods

  • AGM-114 Dual Hellfire Missile

  • Window Mounted M-134 Dillon Mini Guns

  • Wing Mounted M-134 pPod

  • Dagger 42 Rocket Launcher


Capability to Carry

  • Authentic Inert Rockets

  • Gun Pods

  • External Fuel Tanks

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